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About the project

Web design • Web development

Client: Nouvel Air


Case Study

Nouvel Air is a company which provides energy renovation services in Paris. After creating their first website internally years ago, they decided it was time for a fresh new identity and interface. Key focus points were design consistency — icons, pictures, typography, colors — and hierarchy of content. As competition in the industry is high, they wanted to differentiate by having a tailored subsidy calculator integrated throughout their website. 


Our main focus was to create a clean, uncluttered design for content to be easily accessible. We chose a modern and legible font which builds on their brand’s credibility. Warm (orange) and cold (blue) colors were selected to illustrate the renovation services they offer. We carefully selected harmonious pictures in an effort to bring visual consistency. Finally, we teamed up with a developer to build a tailor-made calculator for visitors to estimate government subsidies they’re eligible for.