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About the project

Web design • Web development • Copywriting

Client: Giando Group


Case Study

Pacific Gourmet is an online store delivering high-quality imported meats and traditional Italian products. With a small but loyal customer base, the brand was stuck in a rut and struggled to acquire new shoppers. On the front end, the website’s UI was in dire need of a refresh. On the backend, it was hard for staff to upload new products. With an increasingly noticeable lack of diversity in their offer and an unattractive interface, Pacific Gourmet was rapidly losing market shares to other players in the online grocery industry in Hong Kong.


Using Webflow allowed us to create a neat and minimalistic facade for their online store. The promotional banners we created for them and product pictures help define the identity of Pacific Gourmet and make their website come to life. All UI elements such as cards, buttons and pictures have rounded edges which brings a friendly touch. Add to cart and quantity buttons were added on the product cards to make it easier for visitors to add products to their cart. After getting the design done, we uploaded it on Shopify so the team could easily manage products and orders.