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About the project

Web design • Web development • Copywriting

Client: Sophie Dupaix



"I had the chance to collaborate with Alix and Charles for the creation of my website. They quickly understood my expectations and were able to guide me, without losing sight of my specifications and the typology of my activity.

They're professional, attentive and benevolent -- they will accompany you throughout your project and beyond and are always available to answer your questions. I recommend without hesitation their work and their discerning eye! It was a real pleasure !!"

Case Study

Sophie is a career and life coach. She’s full of resources and created her own website and brand identity when she started her journey. As she’s grown over the years, her branding was not in line with who she is as an entrepreneur now. Her website didn’t reflect her professionalism and the quality of her services. The hierarchy of information was confusing and content to introduce her work was lacking. All this impacted her online credibility.


We created a clean and modern new interface, with clear explanations of the services she offers for both companies and individuals. The serious undertones which emanate from the color palette and font we used, in combination with the rounded buttons, cards and oval shapes throughout the website bring a sense of reliability and friendliness, which are two adjectives that perfectly reflect Sophie’s personality.